Student Licence

If you are renewing your licence you must return your RED LICENCE BOOK. You do not get a new book with a licence renewal. So please hand this in to your instructor so we can issue your new Licence Slip.


Student Licence - £25 (anyone who is a brown belt or below)

Blackbelt Licence - £30 (anyone who is a 1st Dan black belt or above)


We only give you a RED licence book on your first application.

On renewal a new licence slip will be attached to your existing book.

Student Licence

  • - I understand I have to fully filled in all of the above clearly to be eligible for the WUMA injury benefit scheme.

    - I understand that all safety regulations during training should be adhered to and safety equipment worn at all times.

    - I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief there are no known incidents outstanding that might give rise to a claim.

    - I certify that all information given above is correct, I understand that I must adhere to the student code at all times

    - I certify that any licence sold on this application is subject to WUMA rules & regulations & the WUMA constitution of 1989.


    All licences are issued by the WUMA HQ Office