Grading Fee - 25th September 2022

Grading Fee: £35 per student for grades below brown belt, £45 per student for grades above brown belt.

For more information please refer to your grading letter.

Grading Fee - 25th September 2022

  • Additional Fee's

    If you are not grading on grading day there is a additional charge of £20 to be graded in class the week before grading day. Any payments made after the deadline may not be accepted or will incure a £20 late payment charge.

    Extenuating circumstances

    If you miss the your grading day for extenuating circumstances you will be given 1 additional grading date the week after the grading. If miss this date then you will not be graded and no refund will be offered.

    Refund Policy

    All grading fee's are non-refundable unless the grading is cancelled by organisers.